Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Smoking Day coming up March 5th. This is from 123 Greetings, a company providing free ecards to encourage your loved ones to give up the cancer sticks:

No Smoking Day is held every year in the benefit of all those who are trying to quit smoking. It is observed by spreading awareness against smoking. So you may join in and help your loved ones quit the bad habit. Two out of three people try quitting and a lot of motivation is required for them to actually quit. So don the goodwill cap and get on the mission ! Spread the message with the help of a few ecards.


Barnze said...

I,m gunna keep on smoking!

Dee said...

Thanks for the card, Liz..... March 1 was my 1 year anniversary of quitting and I'm doing everything I can to help women quit with this webpage and on my message board. I smoked for 43 years so I know all the lies and excuses smokers tell themselves.

I'm going to approach smokers with a new theory....that quitting is NOT the hardest thing you'll ever do....that you're being very selfish and childish if you continue smoking....that it's NOT more addictive than heroin like you hear in the only takes 72 hrs. and all the nicotine is out of your body, so physically your body is not craving it. It's the MENTAL part that's tough.

If you go on the internet and look at photos of smoker's lungs, you get more of a visual of how your lungs look. Not a pretty site.

Oh my a smoker I didn't realize the STENCH I was carrying around with me everywhere! And if you have kids, they're going to school with your stench in their clothing! I found this out when my grandsons came to visit...their Mom is a smoker (AND has MS!!). I told her I have to spray the kids with Febreeze every time they come over and I gave her my unused box of Commit lozenges and begged her to at least TRY.

Anyway, thanks for helping carry this out....the card was a cute way to pass on the message. :)

Dee said...

Sorry, meant to make that link live: