Monday, March 13, 2006


From E Online:
In an interview with the new issue of GQ, Michael Douglas tells the magazine that he doesn't have much hope for the future of Pitt and Jolie's romance.

"I don't know about Brad Pitt," Douglas said, "leaving that beautiful woman to go hold orphans for Angelina. I mean how long is that going to last?"

We're guessing the assorted Pitt-Jolie and Douglas-Zeta-Jones offspring won't be getting together for a playdate anytime in the near future.

Ah, a little Monday afternoon gossip.

By the way, one of the most horrible faux-pas I've made in Hollywood was telling a new acquaintance (now a good friend) that she looked like an A-list actress' twin, only prettier. Not usually the kind of comment that would send someone out of the room holding back tears, but it turns out her then-boyfriend had also dated said actress and it was a sore subject. Can't make this stuff up. I mean, I have added a lot of filters to what I say to people when I'm first meeting them, but not telling them they look like a beautiful A list celebrity was a new lesson in keeping my mouth shut. Luckily, she forgave me and we've had cool adventures together since (she's ALSO a single S-factor girl, if that doesn't blow your mind, guys).

'nother tidbit for living in LA? Don't go around telling people which projects you hated. You're probably standing next to some bigwig who made it.


Christina said...
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Christina said...

I dunno what happened to the post I just made...What I was saying is Thanks for the heads up on that about 4 months too late. I said the same thing to her right infront of her boyfriend. His response? "Yah, I used to date her." I could have just grounded myself for saying such a thing judging from their expressions. I really thought it was a GREAT compliment. And she is WAY prettier. Live and learn..

Lynne said...

who? who???!!!!

Bill Cunningham said...

Just name the actress...

Anonymous said...

Now, now... boys and girls, we must respect that while our esteemed hostess puts many stories from her lfie on a public blog, not all of the people participating in such stories wish to be publicly revealed on that blog. Out of respect for their semi-public lives, we shouldn't push for such info.


Anonymous said...

Aaaggghhhhh, screw it.

How about a hint?


BrianFies said...

Is this that Bea Arthur story you told me once?

Lynne said...

I was just joking..... and playing into the "gossip" notation....I have no real expectation of anyone revealing personal information about friends....

I wouldn't ask that of her.

Anonymous said...

Lynne -- you are right, of course.

kid sis -- hope you'll take my posts above in jest. ;-)


PS --> Any thoughts on Isaac Hayes leaving South Park?


shahua said...


It happened to me once as well.

On my first trip to Hollywood to break into the biz, I was with a new acquaintance that might be able to help me in said biz.
I started to wax poetic about how undeniably horrible this movie about lesbian murderers and the detective who falls for said murderer.
After my beautiful tirade, they informed me that they were friends with the director, one of the actresses, and the actor was a powerful producer! I should have had "amateur" neon painted right on my forehead. You're right, be

Anonymous said...

Once I was hanging out at Mac & Earnies.

There was a director with a group of actors whom I was hanging out with and I...after a few drinks decided that I wanted him to let me direct one of his movies for a day with no credit taken. I proceeded on this idea for about 10 minutes and the director said that he didn't think I'd want to direct the type of movies he makes. I know, bad idea to begin with but at the time I though it was worth a shot.

...Finally, I decided that he was blowing off my genious idea. Three days later, my friend Sara said to me, "he is a porn director." I really didn't see it comming. Pretty nieve. He was such a nice guy. I was truly an idiot that evening. I am thankful that the actors and director didn't throw me out of the place that night.

Kid Sis said...

Oh my god, these stories are so great!!!!! I LOVE this.

So I have another anecdote. People at the top Eff up with this, too.

This genius producer friend of mine was on a plane back from Unnamed Big Deal Film Festival, where she had a film she was embarrassed to be associated with. She struck up a plane-ride-long conversation with the guy next to her. When they landed, he said "by the way, what do you do?" and they realized they'd both been at the film festival for bidness - only he was a studio head.

They had forged this great acquaintance and so he kept pestering her about which film she had there. She kept declining to answer...until he finally said, "Come on, it's not like you had the worst film there, it's not like you produced NAME OF HER FILM."

He was so embarrassed they never spoke again.

Kid Sis said...

And the name of that studio head was BEA ARTHUR.

Kid Sis said...

By the way, this post was a little Ted Casablanca-ish of me. If you really need to know who the star is, it's in the post.

Now everyone say "OH" and move along people. There's nothing to see here.

Lynda said...

Your friend is probably happy she is the prettier version.

I heard that gossip. I thought, "Has Michael Douglas looked in a mirror?"