Friday, March 31, 2006

Everything Hurts

I truly can't remember the last time I felt this awful. I've had a fever that hasn't broken now for 14 hours. Good lord. AND a migraine and a sore throat, so it doesn't even feel good to rock and moan. Uhhhhhh. Uhhhhh. Seriously can't go back to Vegas again. That's 5 for 5 trips that the recycled smoke air has made me completely ill. Another girlfriend of mine just came home from a similar situation and has a lung infection.

Brenda and I are so screwed. I mean, the week was already going reallllllly crappy, between everything going wrong before the open house on Saturday. But at least the house was pretty much ready. Then our real estate agent decided we really should stage it more by getting rid of some of the furntiture; many pieces which contained other things and so there was a lot of packing too. And now we're both near death with the flu, and there isn't one room in the house that isn't torn up and shitty looking. We have a couple friends coming over tomorrow morning to help, but no one is around before then. Clearly the house doesn't want to be sold, but it's not like we have a choice in the matter.

Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Where is Superman when you need him?


Lynda said...

Oh, that sucks! Hmmm....Maybe buy a lottery ticket?

Kid Sis said...

Yes, I think my local store that sells hookers also sells lottery tickets. If I get delirious enough, I may wander out into the last chance streets of LA.

Kid Sis said...

Still better than irritable bowel syndrome.

Lynda said...

The IBS comment made me giggle. They sell hookers in stores in LA?! I thought they only sold blow up dolls. Unless it is like the Mission District in San Francisco.

MIM said...

GIRL! Do you need anything?!? I just saw the sick-as-a-dog posts now, after the EW review glory.

E me if you need me. I'm swinging out toward campus tomorrow afternoon before the game to pick up Final Four T-shirts for the wife and me, so if you want me to pick up and drop off something, let me know!


Bill Cunningham said...

go to Burke williams and get a massage:

1. It'll relax you so you can heal.
2. It'll take your mind off it.
3. It'll help flush your system of all that "vegas".

Kid Sis said...

Lynda, :) This is even funnier: I actually HAD IBS when I was 24, and the UCLA doctor who treated me kept hinting at all the Oscar nominees who were ALSO coming to him for treatment...apparently it's very prevalent among us sensitive artistic types. I took the medicine for a while and it never came back.

MIM, I actually have some scripts for CC's kiddies - I'll call you and see if we can arrange a pickup.

BC, God Damn man, I like the way you think! You're hired! I should be calling you everyday for my next plan of attack :)
Hey, how's BEM?

Bill Cunningham said...

BEM - like a good apple pie, cooking slowly in the oven. Finishing another treatment draft based on D.E's notes. Gets sweeter and sweeter every time.

I may pitch it at this Scriptwriter's showcase this next weekend. Who knows...?