Friday, March 31, 2006

Feeling a Tiny Bit Better

Okay, I was really ready to ask someone to just off me already. Then Hero, who is not a lapdog and like most boys likes to sit about a foot away from you, decided to jump on my lap and cuddle with me for a whole half hour. Doggy-kiss bliss. Then I checked my cell phone and had a hysterical message there from my Best Gay missing me, and then another from a guy I like. Okay, feeling a little more special and less alone and miserable with the flu. Maybe I don't need to go hire a hooker to hold me and tell me everything's going to be okay. We'll see how bad it gets tonight. I still reserve the right to walk down to the boulevard and find someone who will pet my hair. Though I could probably talk my Best Gay into that AND feeding me chocolate. For free.

Oh, and I was feeling really weird about bursting into tears a few hours ago because my body hurt so much, but then Ironwoman Brenda told me she cried from the pain too, and that I'm just two days behind her symptoms and will be feeling somewhat human again soon. Thank god. I really can't abide being weak. The self-loathing almost hurts more than the chills and body ache. And for that viewpoint, I totally blame Mom.


Lynda said...

Oh, I would talk Best Gay into petting your hair. Maybe s/he will bring chicken soup also! Chicken soup fixes things like this! Or Chickless soup, if you are vegetarian. Besides, don't hookers have cooties or something?

Since my sister died, I am absolutely convince tears are just a pain release. Doesn't always make it feel completely better, but it does help. I hope you feel better soon too!

Kid Sis said...

Yes, yes hookers do have cooties. I just think it's a funny fantasy, that that's what I would want. "Here's a hundred bucks to hug me and tell me I'm okay."

Best Gay is a fabulous guy. We may marry someday, and both shag the pool boy.

Thank you for the virtual chicken soup! It almost looks good!

Oh hey, on the plus (or rather minus) side, I've lost ten pounds on the low carb diet. Now if I can get well enough to start up Tae Bo again, I'll get to be one hot tamale single bridesmaid in three weeks!

Lynda said...

I thought it was funny when you said it. But Best Gay will probably understand you better. I didn't want to automatically assume he was a guy.

I am still struggling with the weight! Congrats! I saw the picture of you from Pistoleras and I thought you looked really good! No wonder you had so many guys flirting with you. (I mean, you already will be a hot tamale single bridesmaid.)

MIM said...

Same offer from below still stands. Emergency chocolate deliveries available between 1pm and 3pm tomorrow.

Hang in there, kiddo. Best to Brenda, too.