Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mom's Cancer on CNN Today

Brian was just interviewed by CNN about lung cancer/"Mom's Cancer" because of Dana Reeve's death. They took some photos from his website, too. No idea what they'll use, but the Fies family is making its CNN debut TODAY on "THE SITUATION ROOM", probably around 2 pm (TSR runs from 1-2 pm).

UPDATE: Yikes! It might be sooner. They just announced it as a lead story coming up.

If any of you are making it here from said interview, WELCOME.

Love and Light,
Lis Fies

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Anonymous said...


Again I say:


Hope your Mom is getting a big ol' kick of having her son on CNN.


Heidi said...

Yahoo, sister! I'm telling you, this is where the training wheels come off. I'm so excited for you. Let's leverage the crap out of this. Because everybody DOES need a hero!