Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Behind in Posting

And now I'm leaving the country. Ain't that just like a woman? Leave you wanting more.

I had a fabulous weekend. Drove down to San Diego to meet fellow blogger Meg for the first time in the non-virtual world. She is so cool! A witty do-gooder, out there fighting the good fight and getting her masters at Cambridge...and anyone who sings "Living on a Prayer with the rest of the sushi eaters is good people by me! We shared a hotel, and it just happened to be prom night on the top floor. So funny. Meg had great stories, and you know nothing beats conversation in my book.

I've been so blessed to meet wonderful people through this site. I never was good at pen pals in school, and was always jealous of the people who forged friendships that way, and now here I am meeting strangers who feel like old friends.

On Mother's Day, Nurse Sis and I hosted a brunch for ladies without moms. It was so lovely and touching. God I love spending the day noshing.


Lynne said...

Fun! If only I were closer! You two are gorgeous!

MIM said...

I'm so sorry I didn't call on Mother's Day. I actually did think about her at church that day.

Safe flight, sweetie!


MoDigli said...

Crap! You were in San Diego and didn't stop by?!

The picture looks fantastic! I can see you two had a fab weekend. :)

MoDigli said...

PS. I'm loving the sushi guys! Hey - that isn't Surfside in PB, is it?!

Meg said...

Awww, thanks dear! I had a great time, too. I'm even more behind on posting than you are, so I still haven't blogged about the weekend (bad me), but hopefully I'll have time to catch up this weekend. For now, it's off to look at more water pollution. Yay! Have a great time in Spain and let us know how it goes.

Kid Sis said...

Thank you Lynne! I know, I wish I could swing by and see you!

MIM, you're so thoughtful. Thanks. Hey, how was the school play CC saw?

Mo, I'll be in San Diego in July for Comicon!
I forget the name of the sushi bar. It was in the Gaslamp district, and had one Japanese name, like Oshi or something. Don't those guys add to the picture? I was cracking up when I saw that.

Meg, :) You bet!