Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It better be good

Otherwise Brett Ratner is going to get an asskickin' from heaven. Mom freaking LOVED Wolverine and X1/2.

Can't believe I'm going to be in Spain when it premiers. Weird to miss a midnight showing.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

You're right, it better be, the trailers certainly make it look great, just hope the final product isn't a mess.

MIM said...

I am saying nothing, good or bad. I saw the trailer before MI:3 and kept saying "Lord, please, don't let this suck."

Sorry, you know my tastes. X1 and X2 are in my Top 10 comic movies, but not Top 5.

When are you off to Espana?


MIM said...

Ya know, I always ID'd with Cyclops -- bit of a geek/ stick-in-the-mud, goody-two-shoes, eyewear at an early age.

CC is more of a Storm fan.

How about you?


Kid Sis said...

Dude, Magneto all the way. That voice gives me chills.
Ian can have my heterosexual ass.

What'd you think of the preview?

Lynda said...

This might be the first movie I see in theaters since Episode III.

I enjoyed the first and second movies. Is this the last one they are making, though? Cause it sounds like it. :(

MIM said...

Missed the first 2 minutes of the FOX preview, caught the last 3.

The fact that I heard no Jean dialogue troubles me. Also the distrubing shrotage of Cyclops.

Looks like Bobby and Kitty are getting friendly. Also cool to see a good Iceman/ Pyro fight. Ian McKellen still OWNS.

Can't help but wonder why they couldn't have done the first X movie with the original guys -- Cyke, Jean, Beast, Ice, and Angel -- as teachers, and then bring in Wolverine and everyone else.

OK, OK, Storm gives a needed female presence, and Ashmore is good at a young Iceman.

Guess I'm still reeling from "Doctor" Grey.


mernitman said...

Um, Lis? After seeing those photos of your abode in Spain...
i have a suspicion that missing the premiere will be something you can, um, take in stride...

Kid Sis said...

Lynda, supposedly they're not ending the franchise, just the trilogy. Gonna have to hand it over to the young bucks because those oscar nominated actors cost dough.
Ep 3 was almost enough to make me swear off theatres, too. "NOOOOOOOhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"

MIM, read a great article on how they were downplaying the Pheonix story in the commercials despite it being the number one story line. This month's creative screenwriting mag, I think.

Billy! You're right. God I'm a geek.