Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How Do I Ever Get Out Of Bed?

How cute are Hero and Stat? Best cuddlers ever.

So it's official - I've had Bronchitis for the last two months. In fact, down to the day after I slept with that guy. Okay Mom, I get it, he's a complete mess and you hate him...I deleted his phone number, he's out of my life...can I PLEASE stop coughing up green phlegm now? Pretty please?

Man, she's always sooo opinionated about my men. Can't a girl just get laid every once in a while without having to leave the country for it to be okay? The phlegm is scaring off all the OTHER nice boys, Mom. Knock it off.

Antibiotics onboard. Hopefully the planeride tomorrow will be painless, and by this time Friday I'll be in a lovely Spaniard's company. Their hospitality is legendary, and I've come to expect my own personal hunky tour guide in Europe. Ahhh, Europe.


MIM said...

Be careful, be cared for, be well.

And, for my sake, have a big, fat heaping plate of paella or two while you're there.

I want to vicariously enjoy a whole lot of rice, spice, saffron, and shellfish through you.

Midnight showing of Superman Returns after you get home?


Kid Sis said...

Thank you!

Oh yes, there will be pasta.

You're on for Superman!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Have a safe trip, looking forward to your return.

Lynne said...

Have a fabulous time! Safe travel energy is on it's way!

MIM said...

Ahhh, Venice.

Sorry, Indiana Jones tangent.