Thursday, May 25, 2006


Things are great. Place is as beautiful as the pictures said. The other 12 people are amazing. Every one of us has had some huge trauma, and we´re partying more in a week than I ever did in college. Pretty much haven´t slept in a week, but the bronchitis is gone.

Saw a shirt that said ¨Spanish Olimpics: Eating, Drinking, $%cking¨, and when in Rome...Last night we went to a disco, and I kissed two different guys. Both of whom bit me (!$%) Not so sure about this Spain city thing. Would rather stay in the sweet villa and keep having dance party 2006.

Pretty great. Except of course the guy I picked in the villa is now treating me like dog doo doo. I always pick the good ones. More on that later.

Hasta pronta! Or however that´s spelled.


Moser said...

Sounds like a great time. Have fun. But you're definitely not "dog doo doo" (great word though). -Matt

MIM said...

The voodoo that you do is so far from doo doo that I do, too, think that you're due for one who will dig you.

But "the guy you picked..."? Sounds like an epsiode of "Beauty and the Geek," but that's just me.

Have fun, but get home safe, OK? :)


ronnie said...

The bronchitis is gone?

Or you just don't care anymore? ;)

Live it up, girl, you know as an old married lady I live vicariously through you.


Lynne said...

guys are stupid

(profound, huh)

Heidi said...

You rock on. Pick another one. Men in Spain are like the tapas. There's always another hot dish. ;)

Christina said...

Sounds divine!

Can't wait to hear from you when you get back! Photos, stories....mmmmm