Thursday, May 11, 2006

Send me some love

Okay, two more pain in my ass private showings of our house coming up over the next three hours. Send me some good thoughts that one of these effers is going to make an offer already.

Neither the A-list oscar winner, B-list 80s comedian, or WB bit player made an offer despite multiple visits. It's such a gorgeous place; don't know what's wrong with people. Jump already. We bought it the first night we saw it. Pussies.

Sick of opening my house to the world, and it would be nice to have some paperwork signed before I leave for Malaga next Thursday. (Nurse Sis has power of attorney while I'm gone, so I better not get into any snorkeling accidents or that plug is getting YANKED!)


MIM said...

Love sent. :-)

If all else fails, I may know a realtor or two who might be able to help.

Don't think I can do movies this week -- babysitting kids tonight and tomorrow as CC goes out with assorted friends.

Maybe early next week?


Patrick J. Rodio said...

A LARGE amount of love I am sending your way.

Kid Sis said...

MIM, Sure, maybe monday night? Tuesday I can't, and Wednesday of course I'll be looking for my passport and washing clothes...Hey, do me a favor and ask CC if any of her kids are in plays I should come see. Some of the students might be good for a reading of mine this summer, especially that awesome punk girl with the red hair. Wouldn't she be perfect for the Commune?

Patrick, a LARGE thank you! Go big or go home, I always say ;)

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Cool. So, where's a decent place to sit down for a drink? Or 2?

MIM said...

Doh! CC is actually at a school play tonight. Seriously.


Andrew Ironwood said...


When I read that word, I mentally heard it in the voice of comedian Ron White (but then, maybe that's just me...)

Lynne said...

I didn't read this til now, so I'm a little late, but I'm good at finding/sending house/home karma, so I'll do it now anyway.

(here it comes: whoooooooooosh!!!!!)

There is an important bit of focus that needs to be on satisfying the sense of home both for the buyer and the seller. Just like when you and Nurse Sis saw it the first night, it was just "right". That's another part of it, the sense of being the ONE right buyer.
It is frustrating, though.

OR you could bury that Catholic saint (though I dont know which one, which is supposed to work) (this is a joke, the first part wasn't)

I had to laugh about pulling the plug. I love you Kid.

Kid Sis said...

PJR, lately I've been liking The Lava Lounge, Casa Vega, The Standard, Cat and the Fiddle...depends on the crowd!

MIM, of course she is. Drat.

AI, no clue who that is!

Lynne, Thank you!!!! Keep sending thoughts; no offers yet! I'll bury ALL the saints!

Lynda said...

I wish I was a spider hiding out in the corner to see who all these people are. lol.

You better not get into snorkeling accidents or I will miss reading your posts! I want to see lots of pictures of Spain.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Ok, where will we be going then? Up to you.

Kid Sis said...

Lynda, I wish you could be hiding there too! I want a transcript! (Actually, I have hi-larious dialogue from the B-list 80s comedian and his wife about exactly who would be washing her "200 thongs"...

Okay, just for you no accidents. I was going to make it an exciting trip, but never mind. No snorkeling. :)

PJR, wherever whenever...when you coming to la la land?

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Looks like in June (new manager is gonna set up some meetings but I'll make plenty of time for you).