Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Holiday Shopping

So I've never confessed to you guys what a freak I am about giving gifts. I'm one of those people who has a gift closet and picks up stuff that reminds me of people throughout the year. Yes, I'm already done with my Christmas shopping, and yesterday pondered wrapping them and then finishing my holiday cards, all in the name of procrastinating from cleaning and writing (oh bane of my existance).

In the spirit of understanding how many of you HATE shopping for loved ones and can't hire me for assistance and who don't want to take down Wal-Mart, here is another great suggestion:

Presents whose proceeds go to the Christopher Reeve Foundation. A little something for everyone there, and a worthy cause.


Lynne said...

Lis, you crack me up. You're so funny. ("for those who don't want to help take down WalMart) ha ha ha
I am with you on the walmart thing, but damn it, I'm so poor I shop there! (and hate myself for it)

I admire the way you love your friends and family and love buying just the right thing, what a sweet part of your personality.

Did you call Zach yet?

Anonymous said...

You are freaking amazing... and scary.

CC is getting on me to finish the bulk Amazon order so she can have all our gift shopping done... BEFORE THANKSGIVING. naturally, she finsihed hers already.



Kid Sis said...

Lynne, :) I always love your comments. Thanks for making me grin. Did you get Zach's phone number for me yet? And are you prepared to bail me out of jail when I'm surely sent there for stalking?

Hot damn it'd be worth it, though. We'd make the cutest little Braff babies. Bet he wants someone more than a 1/4 jewish. Sigh. (This text will TOTALLY be used against me in a court of law.)

Mark, see you get it. CC has you thinking that way! Good on her. What's the turkey day plans for your family? Are you hosting or driving? How is your cold?

Kid Sis said...

Yeah, he's totally my man. It makes sense. Grew up wanting to marry Gene Wilder, and here Zach is the Gene of my generation. Course, he dates 22 - year - olds, so he probably doesn't consider me "his generation." I'm more like his hot Mrs. Robinson. Which would really piss off Mel Brooks and endanger their friendship...ah, analogy taken too far. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

leia -- My cold NEVER goes away. Either that, or my cold brings friends who sublease my upper respiratory tract when the first cold's on holiday.

A friend at my old office said once that I don't catch a cold, I catch a well.

We're doing the 2-family shuttle again, for like the umpteenth year in a row. Pretty good at it, too.

This year, I see Rent tonight at 7 (feel like driving out?), while CC takes the kids to Gymboree and she bakes pies and puts the kids to sleep.

I get home, trade with her, and she goes to see Rent at 10, while I prep for side-dish cooking the next morning and work on the Holiday Amazon List.

Tomorrow morning, I do the assorted potato and carrot and green-bean dishes, while she watches the kids and the Macy's Parade.

By 10 a.m., the house is cleaned and we're out the door to her folks.

By 4 pm (I hope!), we're out of her parents' door and on our way to my folks in the OC... at least, the aport near Knotts Berry Farm. (side note -- is the Movieland Wax Museum already closed down for good, or is that after this weekend?)

We're home by 8:30pm, we pop in Chuck Brown and I'm up at 5am the next day for my annual Target run.

We're getting pretty good at this, too. :)


PS -- New Year's is when we typically host a Turkey Day at our house. If we're not traveling to see UCLA in a Jan. 2 Bowl game, we'll still do it, probably on Jan. 2. You are officially invited. :) I brine my turkey in a solution of salt, brown sugar, fresh sage and rosemary, and lemons and oranges. Thing of beauty out of the oven.