Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Can You Tell I'm Procrastinating

Cleaning house sucks. Really really really don't want to do this. Where is my clone?

Okay, this response to my post a few days ago about calling myself a "Rogue Amazon" cracked me up so much I have to post the whole thing here.

Ah gods, smite me now before I have to organize/clean my office...Are the rest of you in this much pre-holiday pain?

Is it possible you're an Rogue Urban Bohemian Entrepeneurial Amazon? Just curious. Yes, that would make you a RUBE Amazon, which is probably contradictory in and of itself.

The term "Rogue Amazon" reminds me of an Angel ep where Wesley described himself as a "Rogue Demon Hunter," and Cordy asked him, "What's a Rogue Demon?"


Brilliant. What do I stand for? I'm a rube.


Anonymous said...

I am always humbled whenever you deem my posts worthy of quotation. My sincere thanks for the honor, Force-sis.

IMO, you are surely not a "rube" in the traditional sense. You are a screenwriter, and I am but a lawyer in the burbs. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Just realzied -- you are actually an Urban Bohemian Entrepreneurial Rogue Amazon.

An UBER Amazon, indeed. :)


Kid Sis said...

Office clean? Check.

One hell-hole dungeon, or as I affectionately call it, my bedroom...coming up.


Anonymous said...

While you're procrastinating, you MUST MUST MUST go see Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic" movie!


Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, I'm guilty of a little procrastination. I'll get all revved up about writing one of my scripts during the day, by the time I get to it later that night, I start surfing the web, wasting time, then eventually at 2am I finally start writing.