Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dare I Hope?

They're making Lex and Kitty look so good. I don't know what I want more; her wardrobe or to date a handsome bald man who dares to wear those boots and that jacket. Yum. Ah, but we've been crushed by comic flicks before. It's the age-old adage. Better to have loved and lost...


-RM said...

Hollywood is a corporation of dream killers

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one not exactly impressed so far with the thought of Singer on SR?

Not trying to be as negative as the poster above me, but I'm just not as anxious about the return of Supes as I was about the relaunch of Batman.

Let's face it -- if you want bad comic book movies, Batman & Robin has only been matched by, let's say... Superman IV: the Quest for Peace?

WB took a chance on the Bat and relaunched it after only 8 years. Granted, WB's TV-branch relaunched Supes about 13 years later with Smallville... but did we really need a Supes relaunch on the big screen? Now?

OK, "X-Files" leapt onto the big screen in-between seasons... and really didn't add THAT much to the X-experience.

However, even though ST: TNG's immediate jump onto celluloid was a ho-hum movie ("Generations"), it rebounded into a solid action sci-fi film with "First Contact."

I love a great many things from the original Supes films (pretty much all of I, all non-planet-Houston-parts of II, all Smallville-parts of III). Superman was the 2nd movie I ever saw -- Star Wars was the first.

I'm just worried Singer's Superman films will hit me like his X-Men films -- some nice fanboy-type moments, but rather thin, unabsorbing films. Opportunities missed.


Kid Sis said...

Believe you me, I've been on the record as worried. That Supes costume? That little girl as Lois Lane? But Lex looks dead-on to me. Tiny ray of hope.

And I think I enjoyed the X films much more than you. I was totally absorbed by Wolverine both times. So was Mom, actually. And we always agreed one of our favorite cinematic moments was the birth of Magneto in the Nazi camps. One of the most powerful things I've ever seen on celluloid. Pissed off a lot of reviewers who thought it was out of place in a little comic book movie (?hello, clueless!).

And come on, he made Apt Pupil. I know it's in vogue to diss that film, but I thought it was pretty freaking great. Very brave and emotional and inevitable. Sexy sexy Ian. And again, there I go being attracted to Nazis. And a gay knight, at that. What the heck is wrong with me?

Bill Cunningham said...

I'm sorry not to be up on all the characters in the "Superverse" but who the hell is Kitty?

I love Parker Posey -- in comedies! Not here. Not in a Superman movie. She just brings too much funny to the proceedings don't you think?

Kid Sis said...

Hi Bill! I just was at your site today, scoping out the staight to DVD scene. Sorry to miss meeting you on Sunday!

So I'm not up to date on the comic Supes world either; I assume Parker Posey is some sort of new element akin to Ned Beatty. Comic relief for the kids, but eye candy so the fanboys don't gripe for twenty-five years about how she and her stupid theme song ruined the movie? I don't know. Just a thought. There may be a lurking expert out there who could truly fill us in...ahem...

Bill Cunningham said...

Thanks for checking me out Kid Sis! Feel free to drop by anytime and kick your shoes off.

Is Kitty maybe Cat Grant?

(Oh by the way, I'm furiously hunting for art to Batman 323-324)


American Knight said...

Posey's Kitty Koslowski has been invented for the purpose of the film. Thre has been a lot of speculation that she has much more in common with Mercy Graves than she does Ms. Tessmacher (who did appear in the comics). Guess we'll have to wait and see.

I'm pretty hopeful of SR and Singer's involvement. He got a big thumbs up from Donner, has a love for the character and the Comic-Con footage was just plain awesome, if you ask me.

Kid Sis said...

Bill, thank you! (and the Great Race is on...who will win???)

Ah, reliable AK. I knew someone out there would know. I'm jealous you saw the Comic-Con footage. Don't remember what I was doing during that panel; I didn't make it to as many as them as I'd hoped last time. Too busy meeting up with people, which is actually pretty cool in itself.

So I did a search and found this on Mercy. I do remember her from toon Justice League. If she's his bodyguard, that's dope. PP is one strong lady.

MIM, Whoa whoa whoa. I just reread your comment...Non-Houston elements of Supes II? Did you not like the Big Bads? 'Cuz I still quote Terence Stamp. I know some of it reads a little cheesy nowadays, like the old Dukes of Hazzard or Bandit movies, but that small town americana thing made sense in that time period. Who wants to see their dad dropped a hundred feet by a weird dude in smelly patent leather? And who doesn't love dumb southern cops? That's a movie staple! (oh right, you don't...got it...)

Anonymous said...

kid sis -- Hi ya. I don't know, I still cringe at those parts, for a few reasons --

(1) Sgt. Pepper. I don't knwo fi that was his name, but he was the same character actor/ random hick policeman that showed up in Live and Let Die and (ugh) The Man With the Golden Gun. The latter was one of THE worst Bond movies of all time.

(2) We all know "Wonder Twin Powers/ Activate!" right? The small town scenes are the what I consider the WTF Powers/ Actviate section. The levitation of the dad shows them as jerks, true... but then you get the very Brit-sounding guy asking "Plise, Mista Genril, suh? Put my dahddy douwn?" Threw me off as a kid.

(3) Effects work. Sorry, the minaitures of the copter crashes weren't as clean for me. Maybe because they were all daytime scenes. All in all, I found them distracting as a kid.

I DO love the bad guy scenes in Metropolis and DC. The rest just seemed way too much like Lester trying to be cutesy on Americana. if Donner had done it, it would have made a nice parallel to Smallville in I.

If Donner actually DID these scenes, I'm gonna be depressed.


Christina said...

Parker Posey will be perfect in a Superman movie. Her acting will astound you. If you had seen more of her indi's you'd know that she has alot of range. I can't wait to see the movie.

Don't forget the leading ladies in Batman...Uma, Alicia, Kim, Michelle, Nicole, Katie and Drew. All great to okay (sorry Katie and Kim) but I wouldn't necessarilly instantly picture them in a Batman movie.

American Knight said...

Mercy (and Hope) in the comics are Rogue Amazons, while the Mercry Graves from the toons obviously differes a bit.

I would have loved to meet up with some folks during the Con but thats how things go...

I read somewhere that WBros is working on a Donner cut of Superman 2 to coincide with the release of SR.

Kid Sis said...

Wow. That's it. I'm officially calling myself a Rogue Amazon.