Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Confession Time

So...I've barely left the house since Mom's memorial ended on Sunday. And I definitely haven't showered. I've just got the mean reds. Goes smashingly with the migraines and smelliness.

For me, I always know when depression has struck because I view a superhuman amount of movies. Only thing that calms me down. Since Sunday, I've seen: Vlad, Poltergeist, They, Wes Craven's Dracula 2, Scream 3, The Uninvited, White Zombie, The Eye, John Carpenter's Vampires, American Psycho (love!), Wendigo, and uh...The Big Chill. Which I find much more frightening now that I realize I'm their age.

Yes, it's Halloween so horror is easy to find, and yes I'm researching for two scripts I'm writing...but maybe I should lay off for a while. Put a compress over my eyes and turn on some soothing classical music.

Thank God Michael checked in on me today. Took me to Meltdown before I had one. New Comic Wednesday, but nothing pour moi. I read the last House of M. Suckage. And I borrowed some more of Michael's trades, so I think what I'm really going to go do now is read me some Morrison and Moore. Boo!


lisa said...

Hi Sis,

I've been checking your blog on and off for a few months, this is my first time commenting. Firstly, I'd like to express my deep condolences to you and your family. I can't imagine the sorrow and pain that has been set upon you, I am so sorry. Your mom sounded like a phenomenal woman, who raised some amazing kids. I hope that time and memories will bring joy back into your heart soon.

This is just a suggestion from a fella S Factor gal: why don't you turn off the tube, turn on some tunes, take a nice long shower, shave and stretch. Pass on the lotion and go straight to your pole. Maybe a few hip circles and a couple of spins will send the sadness away for a little while. Turn the music up loud, turn off your head and let your body flow.

I hope this might help. Even though we don't know eachother, I'm thinking of you and hope that you feel a little better every day.


Kid Sis said...

Lisa, thank you. You're so right. It's funny, as soon as I get into emotional pain, I totally avoid the body...thus, haven't been at S Factor in two weeks. Okay, going to go turn on some Eagles and fly a little.

Thank you!