Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Awesome Day

So I highly recommend meeting someone in person you know in the blogsphere. I met Kristen Havens yesterday for brunch at a hipster place on Sunset and had a blast with her. Cool chic with a cool website.

Added bonus? Actually gave me the willpower to start the low-carb diet again. Going fine so far. Then I went back to S for the first time in a month, and accidentally wound up in a makeup class with a different teacher and students. I wandered into the Amazon Women on the Pole Class, and it was heaven. For once, I was the youngest and smallest in the room. Totally inspired by their bravery and gusto and sexiness. No more excuses; those women are ALL upside down on the pole, darnit. AND doing 'Ronde Jambe' and 'Corkscrew.' No excuses about the extra pounds to lift.

Added bonus of having an older and wiser teacher? Rad 80s music to S to like "Jukebox Hero" and "Hot Blooded" and "Pour Some Sugar on Me." What a blast. And I got to lapdance on the back pole to Dido's "Here With Me" which is the perfect mood/speed for me. Fun fun fun and I am sore sore sore today. Totally had the foot cramps and leg shakes back in class, and a cherry of a bruise on my arm and thigh today. Ah well. At least I can still walk in the six inch heels.


Moses said...

I'm gettin' kinda jealous with all these meet ups and get togethers. I want share a laugh with all these cool people too.

And the thought of pole dancing to 80's music is just to rad for words.

kristen said...

awww shucks! = )

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine other songs for the 80s-style makeup class...

Whitesnake (aka Tawny Kitaen's primary source of employment in the 80s) -- "Here I Go Again"

Aerosmith -- "Crazy"

Madonna -- oh, put the iPod on random and go with it.