Monday, November 07, 2005


Lookie there. Haven't taken the Meyers-Briggs test in forever, and I'm still the same four letters. Kinda fun. Pretty much nails me, especially the piano-playing part: ENFP

Here's the test for you.


kristen said...

Interesting. I got INFJ, which has changed since high school. I've always been INFP. I guess in my old age I've become a little more methodical about making decisions.

Christina said...

I just had to take one for my class. Funny! I'm a ENTJ.

Shauna said...

Hey hey....we just took this test on Sunday at our pre-marriage counseling... I am INFP. They say only about 1% of people are this combo- go figure.

Andrew Ironwood said...

INTJ (as usual, the I and T being very strong and the N and J not quite so much...)

Moses said...

I haven't changed since high school. Always come up a strong INFP, though I've become more of an introvert as I've grown up (which basically means I live in a hole at this point).

ENFP sounds pretty sweet though, all that emotion bubbling around and a hoot to boot.

Kid Sis said...

So cool to see what everyone is!!!!! Thanks you guys!!!!!

Kid Sis said...

Kristen, does that mean you're voting Conservative today? Love that "writer" is so clearly the drive...did you see your awesome list of fellow INFJers? Writers, poets, do-gooders and Carrie Fisher. I'm jealous!

Christina, not one to be trifled with, and an icy gaze? Can lead you into hell? Love it.

Shauna, that's so you. Hard to live up to Mary, Mother of Jesus, though. Sheesh.

LDH: "Anyone considered to be "slacking," including superiors, will lose their respect -- and will generally be made aware of this" yikes...sorry I haven't been blogging! :) You have such a cool list of fictional people. Moriarty, Fletch, Hannibal, Clarice. Way cool.

Moses, so this is kind of wild. Only 1% of the population is INFP, and you've got two cohorts here who are/were!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

Sis-in-law here. The MBTI has long been used at my office to help staff understand each other - it's a great tool. Me? I'm an ISFJ at heart (read about it and tell me how obvious that one is), but at work I'm forced to be more "E," and everyone is surprised to hear that I (like your brother and nieces) are all big time "I"s.

xxoo, K.

Meg said...

Funny, I've always been an IFNP and am now an INFJ (barely, though - the J was just over the line)...I wouldn't say I've grown any wiser yet, but maybe I've learned something from bumbling through life for awhile...glad to see that writers share the designation, however, as I am having one of those "not going to amount to squat as a writer" moments. I'll grasp at any straws that come my way right now... :p