Monday, January 05, 2009

Prefab houses in Slovenia

Received an email from a guy friend saying this one was sooo me.

You too can "develope your own personal stile!" We're all moving!


Hugo Fuchs said...

Not a new idea, but good for some areas. great idea for dorms, especially considering the costs involved with building new rooms. Second to that idea would be apartment buildings. I prefer the Straw-bale house on both a utilities savings level and a sustainable resource level.

Links for container homes:
Innovative architects Atricle
PFNC Global Communities
Shipping Container House Design
Shipping Container Homes
Quik Houses

Cunningham said...

On sunny days I can see you up there on the deck just tapping away on your keyboard as the ocean waves crash softly in the background....

could you pass the peace please said...

I don't know if you realize it - cause they weren't nearly as cool looking - but that is exactly what is at the end of my street... the offices for the construction site. And there are more, taller offices at the construction site across the road from the bus stop.

Big blue rectangles that are stackable and moveable... I like the pink polka dots better.

could you pass the peace please said...
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Kid Sis said...

I don't know, did you hit the garbage can and erase it?