Sunday, January 11, 2009

30 Rock

Liz Lemon: I like your tie.
Sexy Peter Dinklage: And I like aggressive women with a nerdy vibe. Why don't we grab some coffee and explore this?


Erik M. said...

"And I like aggressive women with a nerdy vibe..." -- a man of kindred spirit.

Kid Sis said...


Hugo Fuchs said...


Netflix Find Your Voice

Do it!
I know you can.

Oh, you don't need to put this comment to blog, but you respond quicker to these than Email.

David Turner said...

Amen, Erik.

David Turner said...

There! I've now come back from the Screenwriters Festival launch!

Kid Sis said...

Hugo mucho thanks, prepping DEAD MOM'S CLUB to enter...

David, how was it?? Oh wait, supposed to go to your site and look, right? hahaha...still fluish, brain slowly coming back online.