Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At Last

Wow, that fourth dance they just did was SMOKIN' hot. We might have a presidential baby in nine months.

So nice to have a vibrant, sexy, happy couple in office. Welcome back to Camelot!


Cody said...

He is light on his feet... I hope he can do just as well in office -cheers

changapeluda said...

hi you have No Idea who i am

(i clicked on here from tit's list and even she has no idea)

but i just wanted to say here that i now fantasize about some gorgeous man looking me in the eyes and saying
"Hi, my love."

Kid Sis said...

Thanks Cody.

Changapeluda...wow. That's funny...because sometimes I still wonder if at that crucial moment i'd said that exact phrase: "Hi my love" we'd have been together longer...but how much better it would have felt if he'd said it to me? Natural order of things...

changapeluda said...

i'm easy

just saying hi
like That

when they'd been together
all dayLong

oh my, what it would be like to be checked in on and re-addressed with all that hotness smeared all over it
mmm hmmm!