Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Geo Caching and Inauguration

A guest just told me about this amazing global treasure hunt game. He and his wife have already found 200 treasures around the world, the last two in St. John and Hawaii. But there are local urban caches as well.

I'm so in! And rrrrr matey, I'm going to talk like a pirate while I hunt...

Oh yeah, and the Inauguration? Minus the off-putting secular blessing (Guess some concessions had to be made; would love to read a Salon-type analysis of that) and rambling poet after, was crying like a baby.

How adorable was Joe Biden? He was so excited and happy. The platform looked just like it should. The vampire rich whiteys gone after their Darth Vader Death Star march, and genuinely happy recognizable relatable people of all colors and ages there representing the real America.

How cute were the girls?? And that he asked his eldest Malia Ann if he did good, and she approved. I love that story; that Malia didn't realize that there had never been a black President (THAT'S what our next generation will grow up as...now I'm tearing up again). And when she discovered that, she told him then his speech better be really good. :) So he asked if he'd gotten her approval afterwards. Couldn't see what she said, but we saw him wait for her reaction, smile gratefully and say thanks. Awwwww... You know, you can't fake mutual adoration.

And check out this story.

Yea Americans!!!! Good for us. It's about time we lived up to our potential. Now let's keep going and overturn Prop 8 and get healthcare for everyone and a Secretary of the Arts...

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Hugo Fuchs said...

Yeah, GPSing for caches is fun. It's good exercise and they're all over the world.

Obama's speech was outstanding. The fact that it didn't drone on forever was a bonus. It reminds me of the Gettysburg Address, short yet powerful.

As fir the blessing, not bright to include a passage talking about Israel right about now. I hope someone bitch-slapped him later for that.

Joe Biden was meet & greeting so hard.

The girls are going to be something to talk about through his term, as they grow up, they will be stars in their own right; just so long as it doesn't go to their heads.

Prop 8 is as stupid as most other government involving itself with the sex lives of consenting adults. None of their business, and keep your laws to yourself.

Secretary of the arts. Yeah, that might be an improvement. I suppose that would depend on their 'vision' of what classifies as arts. But I'd prefer a Arts secretary to a War secretary 99 times out of 100.

Thanks for the interesting posts.