Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's a lie

By the way, in case you didn't get the point of the Naked post, it's patently not true that female actors have to be a certain weight to look "Fuckable" on camera.

There is no reason other than misogyny for Keira Knightley to look like a concentration camp survivor and be praised in magazines like Entertainment Weekly for her high "style" in "Atonement."

If you doubt me, go back and look at her six pack in her breakout film "Bend it Like Beckham." Back when her starving body hadn't consumed all of its own muscle tissue.

Time's up, people. Get on board the truth train.

Because the next stop is sexual agency, where it doesn't matter if a lead female character is "Fuckable" or not.

Usurp this gaze, fuckers.


Lynda said...

To say that someone is "Fuckable" or not would just be a matter of opinion. Isn't that the reason why you might not be interested in someone because they are not your type? Or why some men like their women "thick"?

My husband actually prefers scenes that leave something to the imagination. It is more exciting to him that way. Other guys might want an actress to see them take it all off.

BTW, I think you look great.

Kid Sis said...

Yeah, can you believe it's a standard Hollywood Executive's conversation? Urg.

I agree about leaving it on; my fav movie is sex, lies, and videotape which has no nudity...

Andrew Ironwood sent this in:

If you've ever included a link to the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty in yer bloggage, I've somehow fergotten (mine like a steel colander, have I):

[being the sort meself who often looks at the *after* pics of magazine weight loss ads moaning in constant sorrow: "OMG, what on Earth have you done to yerself?!?..."]