Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I don't get it

Do guys really think beards look and feel good? They're terrible to kiss, and I think they look goofy. I can't think of anyone I like better with one. Thoughts?


shrinking indigo said...

Interesting. You and I are usually on the same side of stuff, but not on this issue.

I don't mind a beard at all. Never have. I'm not a big fan of stubble, but once it grows in, I like it.

Still friends? :)

Andrew Ironwood said...

1) I have a beard mostly because I'm too lazy to shave (I suspect deep down this is a common reason).

2) On the rare ocassions I do decide to completely shave it off (which is usually when the length gets somewhere betwixt 'Grizzly Adams' and 'Amish'), my wife always argues in favor of keeping the beard (albeit in a more professionally trimmed state) and flat-outright *insists* I keep the moustache [note: both her first fiance and first husband had moustaches -- so who am I to rock that particular boat? (grin)...]

Kid Sis said...

Ah, good for you guys...

Judging from my disappointed/outraged emails I've received, I've offended many with this topic.

I don't know...most of the time I see Caveman or Face Vagina.

No idea why I brought it up, and my opinion matters little.

Carry on, make it work!