Sunday, January 20, 2008

Emperor has no Cloverfield

Great Saturday night date movie. All the enjoyables.


Queasy-cam...if I couldn't stomach Bourne-whatever, then you know my feelings.

And my crush on writer-god Drew Goddard is well-established in these pages, so I don't feel guilty in saying...


I mean, excellent, Goddard has great taste, Miracle Mile is in my top 20. (And I force people to view it all the time...if I haven't made you, then I probably don't like you.)...but give a little credit to a fucking masterpiece where credit is due.

My jaw was ALREADY on the ground at all the exact plot point poaching before Goddard had the temerity to steal the damn classic ending.

Balls, man.

Brass. Clanking. Balls.

At least "Disturbia" proclaimed its "homage."

So in honor of the raped and discarded: Steve De Jarnatt.

You're amazing. Get back on that feature film horse.
Oh, and "Irrestible" is the finest monster X-Files ep, so thanks for that too, man.

See? Giving credit and thanks.

It's easy.


Trent S said...

I've been screaming about the Miracle Mile connection for a few days now. Replace the critter with a nuclear missile, and you've got an excellent case for outright plagiarism. And the helicoptery last few minutes is absolutely shameless.

Cloverfield,, bah. A stunt, without an original thought in its head.

spacemonqui said...

Forget it, sis,nobody on this earth is a bigger "Miracle Mile" fan than myself. Saw it in the theatre back in high school, it was to the point I really really think they were homaging it, same with the Rod Serling 9/11 allegory(why else wouldn't anyone in Lower Manhattan refer to it? Every quake out here it's "Remember Whittier?" "Remember Northridge?" "Remember Pasadena?", etc) But if you wanna go over blockbuster unabashed "Miracle Mile" swipes, I'd advise you too look up a little arthouse project called "Titanic"

Kid Sis said...

Sorry man, I'm with Trent. It's outright plagiarism. Absolutely sinfully crazy. It's not an homage when you steal the same plot, beats, camera angles, lines(!) and don't put a new twist on the material or ever reference the source in the movie/press materials.

I was ready to walk out on principle before the helicopter and the final death, but those two events have me seeing RED.