Friday, January 11, 2008


TV was ON FIRE last night with purpose and excellence. You must watch, in this order of importance:

1. Ugly Betty - "Zero Worship" Written by Dawn Dekeyser
2. 30 Rock - 2.10 Written by Robert Carlock & Donald Glover
3. Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew - "Pilot"
4. Grey's Anatomy - "Lay Your Hands on Me" Written by Allan Heinberg

And don't forget "How to Look Good Naked" tonight, Episode 2.

I come to you now at the turn of the tide...can you feel it?

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Josh said...

I realized the other day that three of the biggest stars of "Taxi" are now on wildly disparate shows - Judd Hirsch on Numb3rs (god, I hate writing it like that), Marilu Henner on Celebrity Apprentice, and Jeff Conway on Rehab.

If only I could travel back in time, go to the set of Grease, and show a young Jeff Conway a clip of himself in 30 years on this show. I wonder if he'd make some different life decisions.

Although obviously my doing such a thing would risk tearing the entire time/space continuum.*

*According to Doc Brown as played by Christopher Lloyd - ANOTHER star of Taxi! See, it always comes back to Taxi.