Wednesday, December 13, 2006


What the eff is The Lost Room about and why am I supposed to care? Prime object, Legion, urgh. This thin miniseries got funding for six hours on SciFi, but a dense story like Mists of Avalon was shortened on TNT to a Cliff Notes-unworthy four hours. That's sound decision-making.

As my friend Fire says, "Nervous, hungry, nervous, hungry...little bit nervous"

Add bored to the list, and that's what I'm feeling watching Sci Fi channel right now. How did they get these amazing actors to do this nonsensical show?

Enough. Delete. Must go watch The Wedding Wars to see how much of my Divas Inc script I now have to adjust. Sigh.

Oh, and did anyone out there see the Nip/Tuck finale? What the eff? When did this show stop being fun and ballsy? Bring back Peter Dinklage and Kimber's porn career, and fire Sean, already. Sick of his character's plot lines.

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