Monday, December 11, 2006

Rad quote

"She was perfect. I lost the perfect woman. (Beat.) I should have knocked her up when I had the chance."


MIM said...

Was that in tonight's episode? I missed that!

And oh yeah, Alyson Hannigan is definitely on my Top 5 list. (sigh)


Kid Sis said...

Yeah, right before the answering machine message reveal.

Re: Alyson too!
(playing the ambiguously gay writer card)

MIM said...

OK, there's another scary if cliche blog topic -- Your Top 5.


Kid Sis said...

Right now at 12:55 am it would have to be...

Ian McKellan
Eddie Izzard
Julianna Marguilies
Ralph Fiennes...



I'm picking ten...

James Marsters
Scott Glenn
Thorsten Kaye
Christopher Eclesston
Drew Goddard

I can't put Alyson Hannigan on the list. We're too much alike.

Kid Sis said...

Oh hey, lookie there... no redheads or bald Mitch Pillegi/ Ed Harris types. Looks like I grew out of that phase. Right on!

MIM said...

Mindful that my list changes periodically, my "favorites" in no particular order:

Rosario Dawson -- "Rent" put her on the watch list, "Clerks II" sealed the deal. Cool geek chick.

Alyson Hannigan -- Shoot, I married CC, which means this is NOT surprising. "Mother" is must-see on Mondays. Another cool geek chick.

Kate Winslet -- A woman (i.e. not a stick waif) who just seems so smart and witty and "grown-up" without being unbearably jaded or full of herself. Yep, I am almost willing to see "The Holiday" for her alone.

Nelly Furtado -- You should buy/ download the CD. It's been in my car since July. Definitely danceable and driveable.

Eva Green -- Awesome in Kingdom of Heaven (Director's Cut), almost Kate Hepburn-esque in Casino Royale. Hope she is around for a WHILE.

MIM said...

OK, you did 10, I'm adding 2 more:

Gwen Stefani -- yeah, sometimes she's nuts (enough with the Harajuku Girls as muses), but she seems like our kind of happily eccentric. And props to any other OC-raised Catholic giving love to classic musicals.

Catherine Zeta-whatever -- Though CC thinks I'm nuts, CZ? has always looked like CC to me. Maybe something about a dark-haired, smart, beautiful woman who looks like a woman and not a reject from the TV OC.

Enough from me.