Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hours of fun

Don't know how you've been living without it, but here is the Random Book Title Generator, for all you budding writers.

Here are my results:

Green Soul
The Vacant Return
Door of Husband
The Thorn's Waves
The Ships of the Males
Rings in the Soaring

Sound like box office gold to me.


Kid Sis said...

It's so addictive! Check these titles out:

Next Husband
The Growing Dragon
Year of Time
The Force's Theft
The Nobody of the Door
Voyagers in the Kiss

I love how the first round clearly had a LOTR sequel title, while this one has a Star Wars title. And Voyagers in the Kiss could almost be a prequel to Now, Voyager. Rad. It's like it knows me.

Andrew Ironwood said...

One of the titles it gave me was:

The Hot Teacher.

Apparently it knows *me* too [grin]...

LeMorse said...

Wow I was in a show called "The Nobody At The Door" once. Good to see you.