Monday, December 04, 2006

At last...

After boring the eff out of me all season, both Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who FINALLY had the spectacular episodes I expect every week.

Which is slighltly diminished by these snarky, hysterical reviews on Television Without Pity.


Dr. Who

And yes, I feel for the incomparable cult favorite Jane Espenson, who is right in her assesment that her episode for BSG is now following the effing Beatles. Man, that's rough. But we still love you, Jane.

And we'll love you even more if your episode rocks out. Because BSG has only had one save-worthy episode this year, IMHO. Even with the creepy Cylon menage a trois.


MIM said...

Wait a minute -- even though I lose track of "seasons" on this show, only ONE save-worthy ep?

What about Parts I and II of the rescue of New Caprica episodes? I mean, who parks a Battlestar in the atmosphere?

Also, what about the war crimes episode where One-Eye Tigh and his cronies start airlocking people?

C'mon, just for Fat Apollo-ness alone...


Kid Sis said...

There have been MOMENTS, totally, but nothing I remember as THAT episode, you know? There's just been a lot of boring stuff, to my mind. Dunno.