Saturday, December 16, 2006

By the by

Was watching LOTR: ROTK tonight thinking how badass it would be to get a tattoo that says "I am no man."

Answer? Pretty badass. Especially if it was on the inside of my wrist, with a Supes shield on the other wrist. A little protection from the eebie-geebies of Hollywood handshakes.


Brian Fies said...

Be even more badass if you translated it into Elvish first. Because nothing's more badass than an elf.

By the way, I'm not seeing a picture on your David Lynch item. Looks like one's supposed to be there, but all I get is a blank. Maybe it's just me.

Kid Sis said...

Oh that's cool!!!!

Hmmm...will see if I can find a better link to the AFI footage. Looks like they lied about the emdedding capabilities.

MIM said...

If you think that's cool, feel free to join us for the sometime-around-New_year's LOTR marathon. All 3 extended editions, back-to-back-to-my-butt's-asleep-back.

Exact date on New Year's weekend to be determined.


PS -- SO sorry we missed Thursday. Work and sick kids.