Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well, I Royally Effed THAT Up

MIM and Nurse Sis have politely reminded me what I was SUPPOSED to blog about the Madonna concert was how funny it was that she kept commenting on the sad sad performance of LA audience members. As I've griped before, no one dances in LA. They're too cool for school.

And at the Staples Center Saturday night, La Ciccone was pretty peeved no one would dance, sing, or really even stand for her. After cajoling politely, she called us all motherfu**ers, then growled this classic utterance:

"Come on, you stuck-up Los Angeles f***ers!"

At which point the crowd went nuts, and did as she requested...Which I believe was stand and sing the lyric "Time goes slowly" for her Hung Up finale.

Points being:

A. I was right.
B. A community of two recognized that momentous occasion.
C. If you want LA crowds to participate at a rock concert, clearly you must behave as a dominatrix.

The last point is surprisingly not surprising. After all, this is the town people who hate themselves move to to prove that all the people who hated them in high school

Joyful group response to sadism? Priceless.


abf said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, "We'll Know When We Get There" since it means that I was able to find you!

I lived in LA for four years -- and left about four years ago. I miss it, if only because it was so damn ridiculous and great fodder for stories - in a way Washington DC could never be.

Anyway, I'll be back.

Lynda said...

lol. I wasn't going to say anything.

Maybe Madonna reads your blog....

Christina said...

Madonna is so hot!