Monday, June 19, 2006

They've Got Toys Back in the City, Vince

Oh geez, how funny was Entourage? I have to remember to make Brenda watch it. We're freaking out about the possibility of living in the Valley, or as Johnny Drama put it, "North of Ventura Boulevard is hell's waiting room."

Little food tip: Trader Joe's has a fabulous frozen mushroom pasta dish for $3.50. Incredibly tasty, and easier to cook than mac and cheese.


Lynda said...

I love the lobster pasta, the artichoke one, the mushroom one. Oh, and they have these addictive mushroom turnovers...I better stop....

MIM said...

Ohhhh... lobster pasta...

Side note: I'm stuck making breakfast for my law firm's weekly calendar meeting tomorrow.

In tribute to our blog hostess' "GO BIG OR GO HOME" credo, the menu tenativtely is as follows:

(1) Smothered shrimp, smoked sausage and peppers over cheesy grits.

(2) Scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese and white truffle oil

(3) Cornmeal muffins with honey pecan butter

(4) Fruit salad with cantaloupe, strawberries, and red grapes with a very light sprinkling of mint lime syrup.


Kid Sis said...

OMG. I'll eat with you guys ANYTIME. Sweeeeeet.

Lynda, I never would have found the mushroom pasta if it hadn't been that day's sampler. I'm highly impressed by your foodie sleuthing skills!

And MIM, are you making all that alone? Is CC helping? Holy cow!

Kid Sis said...

Hey, have you local foodies seen this site: Eating LA

Lynda said...

Dang, I want to go to MIM's law firm. We have shopped at Trader Joe's for years. My husband and I love that place. Fortunately, we have learned we don't have to spend $100 just to get out of there. Doesn't hurt that it is only 10 minutes away.

Another good and healthy thing is their marinara sauce. It comes in a green can and is delicious!

Kid Sis said...

Yum! Okay, and I just tried the Asparagus Risotta. It was light and yummy!

MIM said...

Actually, CC is out of town -- her sister just had a baby (about a week early) last Friday, and CC's in Houston helpnig her out.

Of course, I was late for alst week's meeting, which is why I had breakfast duty this week.

In the interest of accurate reporting, I must admit that I didn't have time to do the mint lime syrup for the fruit, so I just tossed it with some mint leaves and raw sugar. Also, I skipped the pecans for the honey butter. My thanks to you for the grits inspiration.

But yeah, cooked it all myself, baby. Too bad for you CC and I started dating right after graduation, huh? ;-)