Wednesday, June 07, 2006

For Nurse Sis

Brenda is dying to have me blog about the Madonna concert last Saturday in LA. We gave each other tickets for our June b-days (neither of us had ever seen her live) and high-tailed it to the Staples Center, our second-fav concert venue for ease of use.

I thought the show was just fabulous. Afterwards we met up with Mark and CC and wished HER a Happy B-day.

I think the part Bren really wants me to blog about happened BEFORE the show. I was standing in a ridiculously long beer line, brewing myself into a foul mood, when someone yelled "LIZ FIES!" (Mr. James Lipton, my fav noise is hearing my full name shouted across a room.)

It was Anita, a super-cool villa-mate from Spain.

Too bizarre. We'd talked about having to go together to concerts in LA, but nothing had materialized yet because of the crappy June lineup and her crazy shooting schedule. (She's a TV producer, yes, for shows you actually watch. Drunk.) But it was great to see Anita there and to introduce her to Brenda, who was stoked to meet her.

The world is getting smaller, and I like it!


Lynda said...

Disney has been singing about the small world for years now. ;)

MIM said...

Let's nto forget the definitive blog-ironic line by Ms. Madonna, when imploring the Staples Center attendees to dance:

"Come on, you stuck-up Los Angeles f***ers!"



PS -- Thanks a lot for making your blog NSFW yesterday... [grumble] ;-)