Sunday, June 18, 2006


Post Secret is really loaded today. Read at your own risk.

I didn't pick one to upload, because, well they just didn't have any that said "God, you took the wrong parent. You bastard."

Changing the subject to awesome men, Cesar Milan from Dog Whisperer is rocking my world. How great is he? I loved the Lakers episode where he told that little blonde he wants to see a woman rule the world in his lifetime because women know how to look after the pack. What a great guy.

And the fantastic South Park episode from last season, Tsst. Those guys are so freaking brilliant. And of course they love Cesar.


Lynda said...

I think everyone we love should live forever, but the world would get a bit crowded.

Lynda (Laurianne's Sister) said...

I have to add, you always post the most interesting sites.