Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shopping Tips

If your undies are all down to the threadbare-I-only-wear-those-during-my-period state, then it's time to toss them in the circular file and hit my favorite clearance sales.

The newVictoria's Secret IPEX bras are to die for at $25.

And Hanky Panky, the world's most comfortable thong, is on rare sale at shopbop.com These undies are particularly brilliant because they fit sizes 0-14. So unlike bras, you won't have to replace the expensive buggers with every 10-15 pound weight fluctation.

Shout out to Lynne and her mysterious Pogo project! How's it hanging, lady?


Lynne said...

Oh my gosh! What a nice surprise! The project is complete, just waiting for my latest color proof. There was one last booboo on their end to fix, so as soon as I know it is without error, it will be available, and I will surely let you know. Supposedly this week, maybe tomorrow my proof will arrive! (cross fingers)

Kid Sis said...