Saturday, April 15, 2006

What Effin' Ever

If TPTB go with anyone other than Morena or an unknown Greek who looks exactly like Wonder Woman, I am going to be soooo ass-kicking PISSED.

Sheesh. Britney Spears. Effin' morons.


MIM said...

From a physical standpoint, I would have no problem with Angelina, or even with Charisma -- although she would need to work out a ltitle bit more to get the muscle tone back.

I'm not knocking her for having a baby, but she used to be believably physically fit to pull off some basic fight scenes, and just needs to get closer to that.

Never watched Firefly, but if Joss goes with Morena, I'll trust the almighty Whedon.

Britney? Eff no.

If the studios insist on Jessica Simpson, on the other hand... I may want to dump a gallon of hydrochloric acid on every freaking reel I can find.


BrianFies said...

Ten or 15 years ago, I would have gone with Catherine Z-Jones. Wonder Woman should not just be muscular, but regal and imposing. The woman playing her needs to have some meat on her.

Speaking of the Amazon princess, did you see the recent item Mark Evanier posted about a failed Wonder Woman series done by the same team that did the Adam West Batman? Mark gives some good background and links to a great demo tape made to sell the pilot. And by "great" I mean "soul-suckingly bad." It's here:

Looking forward to our trip...

Bill Cunningham said...

I think she has potential...