Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gays On Board With Daniel Craig

They're so easy to sway. I wish I belonged to the Gay Mafia.


Kristen said...

i personally think he's really hot. as a straight girl.

MIM said...

I've been watching Bond movies for close to 20 years -- my apologies to all my enlightened female friends -- and I think Craig is going to pretty darn good. His supporting work in Munich was enough to convince me he's got the toughness and intelligence to make it work.

I'm thinking that the people that are wigging out may not have read any of the original Fleming novels -- Bond was originally a pr**k.

A benzedrine-pill chomping, 40-smokes-a-day-dragging, gunpowder stinking, pepper-at-the-bottom-of
-the-champagne-glass guzzling, tortured-with-a-carpet-beater, insubordinate, commando-trained pr**k.

The fact that Martin Campbell is directing works for me. Campbell did fairly well with "Goldeneye", but I liked his "Mask of Zorro" much, much better. The guy knows how to blend retcon storytelling and respect for legends, despite the flaming house of adobe and dog waste that was "The Legend of Zorro."

However, the fact that Purvis and Wade are writing doesn't help me. If they want to change the tone, why, oh WHY are they sticking with these sophomoric gag writers?

Granted, some of their plot ideas work fairly well -- The World is Not Enough has a surprisingly good, grown-up premise, with a GREAT female lead character played by Sophie Marceau -- but their characters and double entendres fall so lamely and lifelessly that they are an insult to death itself.

Hope Haggis's script doctoring does soem good, but after Crash, again, my hoeps aren't up.

Shoot, if they REALLY wanted to make this a "Bond Begins", they should have just gotten Paul Greengrass to helm the thing.

OK, enough from me. Sorry for hijacking.


Lynda said...

That headline just makes me laugh. lol.

Kid Sis said...

I'm with Kristen. And Lynda.

MIM, must read your post when more sober. Apologies.