Friday, April 07, 2006

Impeccably Groomed

Feeling so much better. Akin to BC's Burke Spa suggestion, I followed Brenda into work today and received some beauty treatments at a sister rate (Brenda rules!). More laser hair removal on my underarms (that may be the last one...think I'm hair-free!), Brazilian bikini laser, Polaris on my face wrinkles (it's better than a face lift), AND an eyelash perm (I have super-long eyelashes, but they won't obey a regular curler and are highly allergic to mascara, so the perm thing gives me startling results). I'm absolutely giddy over feeling human again.

All that good stuff, and I've lost 2 pant sizes in the last nine days (influenza and Atkins rock!) AND my gfriend Shauna just told me I could bring a date to her wedding if I really wanted to....hmmmm....
The killer dress, hanging off me at the fitting yesterday. LOOOOOVING.

Do I really want to? I'll be in my updo hair and awesome bridesmaid outfit. Don't know if anyone has earned being on my arm now, let alone a $150 gourmet dinner and a night of dancing. Talk about a bargain basement deal.

Dates are nice, but it could be a blast to be the Singleton. Decisions, decisions. Must go S on it...


MIM said...

Well, I know of no decent single hetero men in my circle of friends, sorry.

If that's you in the dress, then WOW, when'd you go blonde?


Kid Sis said...

Yes Mark, that's me.


That's okay, I know PLENTY of decent men...if I decide to ask one. We'll see.

I'm not asking anyone that would see it as doing me a favor instead of the other way's such a chic Event...lobster, prime rib, free booze and me on the menu? Puhleeze!

Brookelina said...

I so need a grooming day. Make that a grooming week - I'm that far behind.

Go solo!!!! There is bound to be a hot man that is at least flirt worthy there.

MIM said...

OK, you do know I was kidding re the blodne/ picture thing, right?

Oh, and John Williams is coming back to the Bowl in August. Still going to be local?


Rex Ferric said...

influenza and Atkins rock!

Everytime I read that phrase, I try to imagine eating BBQ pork rinds while sick in bed with the flu -- it's not a happy thought...

[Today's Word Verification: jelfmdi -- Internet slang for "Jedi everybody'd like to f* while listening to MIDI files"?...]

Kid Sis said...

Brooke, I need a rota rooter week to really feel good ;)

MIM, I know. JW sounds good.

RF, yet I'm down another half size today! It DOES rock! Especially the part where you FEEL like you're going to throw up the pork rinds, but then you don't. I don't EVER want to throw up again.

But I DO want to be jelfmdi.