Sunday, April 02, 2006

God I Hate Myspace

I just checked it out again because I'm supposed to keep on top of media. I always feel like I should go shower afterwards.

Seriously, what the eff is that all about except linking to porn stars, and pathetic girls trying to look like porn stars? God I'm so sick of women selling themselves. It's like a highschool hallway with xxx stars.

And the men going along with it...I just don't understand how an entire culture could get so swept up in the basest, most meaningless expressions of our sexuality. So boring and childish.

When are people going to figure out sex has nothing to do with flesh? I know, I know, when we're all turned into pillars of salt.


Lynda said...

I signed up for MySpace just to see what it was all about. I have gotten a few people who want to be "friends" that seem like it is all about flaunting themselves.

I can't really remember why I signed up. I blogged about why I did, so I could go back and see. I don't go back to MySpace much.

Rex Ferric said...

I'm still wondering why I signed up fer MySpace meself (other than the fact I could blog there with a friends-only privacy option [which admittedly is an option most every blog package *besides* Blogger seems to have...])

Kid Sis said...

Lynda, yes, FLAUNTING. True.

RF, I know, I do wish Blogger had the friends-only thing. Then I could REALLY say what's on my mind.

Heidi said...

I am perplexed by it. Waiting to see if I need to be scared by it. What does that say about a guy...Is it as bad as that? Ugh.

Also, waiting to hear about more fishies. :)

Lynne said...

I admit I have not really even looked at Myspace...

Blogger just seemed to work fairly easily for a new blogger.