Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sooooo....yeah. it's true.

To those of you who have been coming here to try to get this information the last three weeks; my apologies. Chauntal's was not my story to tell. But yes, the rumors are true.

My good friend and genius lead actor of THE COMMUNE Chauntal Lewis was in a bad car accident on March 18th. She survived to grace the world with her soul, but she gave up her left hand.

Chauntal is more beautiful, positive, and full of love and light than ever and is going to change the world.

She has received much love and care from friends. You've never SEEN so many flower arrangements in a hospital; she was royalty! (And the new brown hair color on Queen Chauntal is DIVINE!).

Oh and yes, I am already hard at work writing a feature screenplay for her with a character created by Bill Cunningham...a beautiful, witty, noir superspy with an amazing mechanical hand. You will see Ms. Lewis again in the a badass superhero. I also have a whole album-worth of more song lyrics, and am planning on getting into the studio with Chauntal and her musician father as soon as she wants...

Please show your support to our wonderful Chauntal and her rock of a gorgeous sister, Riawna (I love you lady!) by supporting them in the following manner:

From Riawna Capri:

Hey friends,

Riawna here, below are details about the fundraiser this monday and april 20th. And if u open the attachment, its in a way cuter format. :) please post it on facebook, myspace, anywhere and send out to anyone! The more the merrier! Even if u don't want to get hair services, come for the bake sale, silent auction, tanning by Sunset Tan or even just to see the Laker Cheerleaders :) come just to hang out and support the cause :)

Thank u to each and everyone of u. For getting the word out and being SO supportive of my sister Chauntal.

Dear Friends,

We are writing to invite you to the first ever Ken Paves Salon-Beverly Hills day-long fundraising events. A very close friend to the salon, Chauntal Lewis, was involved in car crash leaving her with a need to purchase a prosthesis. Chauntal is the sister to our loved stylist, Riawna. In an effort to raise money to aid Chauntal in purchasing the prosthetic limb, we are offering our services for discounted prices ranging from 35-60 percent less than regular prices. Every dollar that we collect on these days will go towards helping Chauntal. Below you will find information on the time, location, rsvp contact, and the prices for the services we will offer. If you cannot make it we would greatly appreciate any donations and feel free to tell your friends and/or colleagues about this event.

Thank You!!

Dates and Times:
Monday April 6, 2009 - 10am to 9pm
Monday April 20, 2009 - 10am to 9pm

**please note, the salon days of operation are normally Tuesday through Saturday**

Location: Ken Paves Salon 409 N. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90048

RSVP Contact: Jaisy, (310) 205-0087

Prices: Haircuts $75 (reg. $125+, $90+) Base Color $75 (reg. $95+) Partial Highlights $100 (reg. $150+) Full Highlights $175 (reg. $225 +)> Brazilian Keratin Treatment $300-$350 (reg $500+) Blow Dry $50 (reg. $75+) Extensions $1000-$1800 (reg. $2500+)


Riawna Capri

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Raquel said...

Oh no! I can't imagine. I'm so sorry for what happened to her, but also glad she has you to be there for her. I wish I lived in SoCal so I could go to the event. Hugs.