Friday, April 24, 2009

I see this at least once a day

It drives me BANANAS.

Via John August's blog, actors carrying empty coffee cups.


Rowan said...

That really annoys me too. I won't let an actor carry an empty cup. Ugh. Opposite end of the spectrum: wine glasses obviously filled with plain water. Hey! We can SEE it's just water! (Oh, and while I'm at it...Do you or anyone you know ever drink hard liquor with NO ICE? Mad Men, Damages, 30 Rock...all knocking back whiskey, gin, vodka, all at room temp. I don't think so.) It's bad, Lemon, bad!

Kid Sis said...

Good for you Rowan! Fill that coffee cup with rocks!

And by Thor's hammer, it's not like they don't make plastic ice cubes that could fill those cups and not be a set hazard....