Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coming to the rescue...He's a miracle

I'd call it nostalgia, but honestly it still gives me chills.

Everybody involved in this movie was 100% balls out.

Man, talk about hitting just the right tone. The only scarier prospect I can think of is LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, which found theirs with equal success.


Brian Fies said...

It's nostalgia.

Kid Sis said...


I'm old. Again.

Kid Sis said...

Have I told you how brilliant KRULL is?

joe said...

Amazingly, early 80s sci-fi films (with its vastly inferior-by-today's-standard special effects) are infinitely more enjoyable than what's getting released lately

My brother and I watched Krull every time it was on HBO as kids...but Last Starfighter was our favorite!

Hugo Fuchs said...

1) Heh, and then there was flesh gordon ....

2) I still like the early serials ... and the cartoon.

3) I saw Krull in the theatre. That wouldn't be unusual, except it only played for 3 days before they killed it. I know it made 'Dog of the Year' from Siskel & Ebert ... even though I can't find it listed anywhere right now ... because I saw the end of year show. Meanwhile here's the original review by them.

4) I liked Krull then, and still enjoy it.

5) I'm still pissed that they didn't come out with an arcade version of The Last Starfighter. I did like the movie.

6)I also liked Enemy Mine.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

sorry, its nostalgia, the perfume that adrian veidt was selling to the masses.

that film was really, really embarassing. No way in hell, without the rose coloured glasses of 20 years does that movie still something that i could sit through from beginning to end.

Dale doing cheerleading? please. Dino DeLaurentis was king, as Corman was, of getting a generation of young filmmakers to learn and practice their craft for no $$ when the major studios needed all that money to put up their noses, and he deserves respect, but man do those movies suck.

enemy mine is good however.

BTW, has anyone seen how cool the Sleestaks are in the Land of the Lost movie?!?