Friday, April 10, 2009

More fun

In a lunch meeting last week with an international distributor, I was talking about how Neil LaBute can suck my cock for remaking the feminist THE WICKER MAN as an updated hate-crime against womankind. In keeping with NL's usual misogynist theme, exhibit A is to watch the Nick Cage remake. But who has the time?

Here I present a 22 second Exhibit B, which the Youtube creator has pithily named "Nick Cage HATES Women." (Not sure about that, he may well be a duped participant. Though when it comes to working with LaBute, it's a pretty good guestimate the result will be disturbingly anti-half-the-planet. Feel such disappointment about his POV, as his writing is often damn good.)


Josh said...

Whoa, freaky - here's the comment I made about the clip before I even saw your post here:

This is both funny and sad. I remember when they first announced the remake I was concerned, but reassured that in the hands of noted feminist Neil LaBute the one thing it wouldn't be is camp. Oh dear.

Kid Sis said...

See why I asked you to repost your comment?? It's Freaky Friday!!!