Sunday, May 11, 2008

God I hate Mother's Day

Go treat your moms like gold, will ya?

Lucky bastards.


Anonymous said...

I know treacly Irish poems are a bad tonic for what you're feeling today(the MIDI doesn't help). My mom was very fond of Western culture as her family's related to a couple minor characters & we wound always stop on our vacations to places like Deadwood, Sundance Wyoming, Tombstone. After she died, in my travels to go back East & North & clear my head I just cannot pass up any of those places. Langtry,Texas, Coffeyville,Kansas, St. Joseph, MO-don't waste your time with Dodge City, it's a tourist trap. The point is I do feel a little bit better in these spots. There's probably something you can do today to honor your mom's spirit, and you should do that. Just think of all the poor bastards who are crawling awkwardly through a mere brunch at Mimi's Cafe today who have no rapport with their moms. Feel sorry for them, not yourself.

Kid Sis said...

How apropos...Mom was a South Dakota girl through and through...ah, Deadwood.

Thank you.

Jake said...

God how I hate my mother for being on my case all the time - but I know it is for my own good. Love you mum always.