Friday, May 16, 2008

Cosmic joke

It's been a looooong time but...

Just got a fishie from Mom.

It was HYSTERICALLY funny. That bitch and her wicked wit. Remember my Gladiator shout-out to her on Mothers Day?

Yeah. She set me up bigtime. I mean, this was a prank nine months in the making.

Fuck. I can't believe I can't tell you all. I mean, it's sooooo juicy. I peed a little texting Nurse Sis about it.


Gotta avoid lawsuits. Shut your lips, Lis.

Sigh. Man, I can never tell you guys the really good stuff.

Well, in case you didn't believe there was an afterlife, take it from me. There is. And a wicked tongue is still highly prized there.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. Happy to hear you have a sister to share this with. You can still make the film about the road trip. Perhaps you can interview Brenda and Brian for the film. It can be like a documentary.

Although I have a nodding acquaintance with religion, I believe there is an afterlife. I share this only with people I know very, very, very well. I also believe in guardian angels. My grandparents passed away years ago. I feel their presence in my life on a daily basis. I try to live my life in a way that will honor loved ones who have passed away.

Honoring the Memory of Loved Ones who Passed Away

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you do still have family & can still have experiences so that's what you gotta keep in mind. Route 66 is great fun, I wound up doing the formal don't-cheat-and-take-I-55/44/40/15/10 several years ago, but it can be aggravating to find where the frontage road suddenly ends-& there's a lot of spaces, in the West esp, where 66 is just gone, daddy-o. The one funny thing fraulein, is German tourists LOVE 66. See, there was an O Henry type guy in the 1870's from Deutschland who sat around & dashed off all these proto-DancesWithWolves novels & they were huge; So to this day it's spawned this huge German obsession with the West, transfigured to Route 66. They take their famous monthlong vacations, ship brand-new-BMW's from Hamburg to Chicago & just ride, & it really blows them away. They all have copies of the Michael Wallis book, & they'll stop at each landmark & have the proprietor sign the page that features them like the celebrities they truly are. One old guy explained he was just retired, lived on 66 & had nothing better to do so he restored some 40's Fords & put them in front of his place "& now the World comes to my door". And they accommodate the German travelers along the way, too-at every diner. Just do a search on "German food" and "Route 66" & you'll see what I mean. As for our run, it was about a week after the Pixar guys were doing their big "Cars" research trip & that's all everybody we ran into could talk about how fun they were & how they bought every souvenir they saw(never has a movie more disappointed me). The roadfood is a little on the heavy side but you won't regret it