Monday, May 12, 2008

Simple ways to be the Queen

I'm redesigning my life: finding what I spend my time and money on that makes me the most happy, choosing little pleasures I can incorporate in my week without busting the bank...

So here's my latest splurge:

Cucumber water!

I can get five big ones for $4, which should last me a week of slicing up half a day and putting it in my Brita pitcher.

I feel pampered, the cost is minimal, AND I drink a healthy amount of water. Win, win, win!

Along the above lines, I'm also shopping for an apartment building that has fun people, a pool, and a gym. Socializing, working out, and feeling like I'm on vacation without spending a dime...See how cool this could get?

(by the way, you can also add mint, lime, orange, and lemon to your water, in any combo!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cucumber water sounds yummy. That is a great idea! It is a nice way to feel pampered.

Socializing, working out and feeling like you are on vacation sounds marvelous! I enjoy being around people who know how to be happy.