Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lynch Mania

The Lynch and Donovan event was amazing last week. Donovan played a full hour. Apparently, up until this year he's not played in public for three decades. He was crazy good, and all about world peace and visualization and so inspiring.

Lynch's talk about his non-profit organization for inner city kids to learn meditation was inspiring, too. Larua Dern was there interviewing Lynch, and they had a really sweet shorthand together. He calls her The Tidbit. Totally brilliant guy. Never paused or said "um" once.

It's always such an honor just to be in the Kodak, and my seats were in the twentieth row from the stage! Crazy to look behind me at the three mezzanines and see all the Hollywood people gathered to support artistic individuality.

The event was taped, so part of it will end up on PBS. I highly recommend watching it.

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