Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just Wondering

Is anyone else feeling curl-up-in-a-ball-and-suck-your-thumb depressed that it's 2007? Seriously? Seven years already after all that hoopla about the new century? My life is flying by with alarming speed.

And Keisha Castle-Hughes is having a baby at sixteen?

Bryce Dallas Howard is knocked up, too? Now, I've been rather outspoken about not having the traditional values/desires of American women, but this is a little much to hear at New Years. Reminds me of getting to UCLA and finding out everyone there has a 4.0 and an Emmy or Olympic medal already. Overachieving bastards.

Never mind. I've got grey roots to dye.

By the way, if you're thinking staying up until 4 am watching "Black Hunter, White Heart" again will cheer you up, skip it, sister. I tried. It doesn't work. Even with Clint's dreamy impersonation of Huston.


Noelle said...

I thought that in 2007 we'd all be eating dippin' dots and movable sidewalks would take us everywhere and our cars would fold into suprizingly light briefcases. You're right, 2007 is shockingly like 2000, plus a little gray hair to boot.

MIM said...

Personally, I loved the irony of Ms. Castle-Hughes pregnant at 16, and then having her film of the Nativity premiere at the freaking Vatican. Wonder if the Holy Father insisted she go through Confession/ Reconciliation first.

But then again, that's just a struggling Catholic talking.