Friday, January 05, 2007

And why doesn't LA have this?

Sing along Buffy


Noelle said...

I went to it in NYC in November! It's nothing short of wonderful. You should contact them and see if they're willing to travel, I think they are something of a roving band. The best part are the goddie bags that include vampire teeth, a "grrr.. arg.." finger puppet and a kazoo for Buffy's I was in "heaven" note. Simply fantastic.

MIM said...

OH, we SO need this in Los Angeles! By heaven we need this here.

One year, I got CC a Valentine's Day Card... by taking a 29-cent wooden stake from Home Depot and writing a valentine emssage on it with some Buffy-style font in red and black marker.


Kid Sis said...

You two are so cool!

Noelle, you had me at NYC in November, but a goodie bag on top of it? Sooo jealous.

Mark, I remember you telling me about that! You were pretty proud!

Lorna said...

hey liz, i followed Mom's story and i've read your blog for a while, but have not commented here before.

apropos of nothing in this post, i came across an amazing book by david lynch.

i have to say, i don't typically match up books with people i don't know, but nevertheless, i wanted to ask if you'd seen it:

happy new year,

just me said...

Because New York will do anything. Seriously. It you need a place to be weird and make it into a career, come here.

Also, I started you survey thing because I WAS bored. ...but it was too much work.

Meg said...

Hey chica, missing you up here in cold-ass Sea-town. How's life?

Kid Sis said...

Lorna, thanks for writing! I totally want that book. Actually, I really want the audiobook if it's narrated by him, but I couldn't tell from the Amazon info.
I'm going to the Lynch-Donovon lecture this Sunday...I'll give a report!

Jess, love the short attention span! :)

Meg, things have been slogging through mud-ish, worrisome, and unproductive, yet oddly goes the readustment to America?

mernitman said...

...maybe this means some Buffy-lover with an L.A. blog and fan base should start one here?... just sayin'...

Meg said...

It goes slowly. Still no job (auugh!!)
but I am determined to hold out for something in my field. Good luck with everything!