Sunday, January 21, 2007


Mad TV is on freaking fire tonight! I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this episode. Can't wait for the Medium satire; the first one was so brilliant.

And how terrible was Ebert and Roeper tonight? That woman wins the worst co-host award. Please Ebert, get better fast. It's a disturbing world when Roeper's the only one who makes any sense on the show.


MIM said...

Missed (Insert) & Roeper this week. Who was filling in?

Q: With Oscar noms coming out tomorrow, I'm curious: did you see "Little Miss Sunshine"? Did you like?

I saw it on DVD last week -- and by "saw" I mean I ran out of the room during really-embarrassing-for-the-chracter-but-probably-rip-roaring-for-a-detached-audience funny parts.

Just curious.


Kid Sis said...

I don't know. I made it a point not to bother learning her name. She was seriously terrible.

Yes, I've seen LMS and predict it will win. In fact, I predicted it before it won the PGA on Saturday.

Can't imagine what scenes you would have had to leave...

MIM said...

Couldn't get into LMS. Too many childhood talent shows for me, I guess. It was a... nice little independent movie, but is it just me or have there been a LOT of independent movies about warped families with precocious children and filter-less grandparents living in tract homes stuck in 1970s decor?

Maybe it's just me?

Look online for the Insert and Roeper when Kevin Smith filled in. Haven't seen it myself, but heard it was actually quite good.


Jeremy Jed Hammel said...

It is definitely disheartening when people who's livelyhoods depend on TV act as if they're too good for it.

If you're so lame as to feel the need to pronounce that you have no interest in the very medium that you're struggling to get into, or to stay in...well, you probably have bigger problems to deal with than finding ways to convince people to think that you're cool.