Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vote now

I don't know why I've been so indecisive lately.

Should I keep paying beaucoup money to be an unnatural blonde, or go back to the no-maintenance brunette? (Red's out for awhile; I'm bored of it).

I don't usually jive with the type of people I attract as a blonde, but until I find time to work out for an hour plus a day, it helps me feel sassy in la la land.

Current blonde look here and below:


Alan Smithee said...

The natural look is always good. Here in Hollywood, it's always refreshing to see something real.

Andrew Ironwood said...

Count me as another vote fer the natural (although you look pretty dernded good both ways to moi...)

MIM said...

You looked beautiful as both. Trust me on this, even though I am happily married and not allowed to look. ;-)

That being said, I considered you worthy of asking out in college during your brunette phase, so go with it. :)

One vote for brunette.


wcdixon said...

Either way seems good.

Meg said...

As a brunette who's embraced her roots (hah hah), I'm all about the natural. :) But you look good no matter what, dear!

Christina said...

go bold. go blonde!